There were multiple supernatural and you can conventional attitudes and you may opinions blamed of the teenage college women towards menstruation

Higher proportions, 615 (77.7%) out of adolescent school girls into the Gedeo region mentioned that he has experienced dysmenorrhea (major discomfort into the periods) one or more times during the last around three conscequitave monthly period schedules. Over fifty percent, (67.6%) have experienced its menarche (start of basic menses) inside the age groups away from a dozen–fifteen years, and you can 59.7% got abnormal monthly period cycles (Dining table 2).

Supply of information about periods

Regarding twenty-seven.7% of teenage women didn’t have information regarding times and its particular hygienic behavior just before its menarche. Off 72.3% university ladies with menses associated suggestions before start of its menses, 38.3% stated the mom as the chief supply of advice and you can 16.3% had for example recommendations from their peers. Household members, instructors, mass media while some was in fact plus said as the sourced elements of information associated so you’re able to monthly period bleeding and its particular safe administration by the 6.cuatro, dos.4, eight.6 and you will 1.3% regarding people with guidance, respectively.

Experience in adolescent people towards menses

“State as a cause of menses disperse” and you will “Menses as the a lifelong process” have been common misunderstandings endorsed by 51.8 and you can fifty.2% teenage ladies, correspondingly. Generally, 68.3% regarding adolescent college or university girls from inside the Gedeo zone got poor training away from menstrual bleeding (Desk 3).

Hygienic practice of teenage college girls

Almost 1/3rd, (33.9%) regarding adolescent college or university female did not explore sanitary shields throughout their intervals months. On 42.4% were utilizing technically made hygienic pads, and you can 23.7% made use of home made absorbents (deceased dresses, double trousers, sponges…). Over fifty percent, (69.5%) regarding college students clean its exterior genitalia with water and soap. Essentially, sixty.3% out-of female found having worst menstrual health routine having 95% CI (56.9, 63.6) (Table 4).

Circumstances regarding the monthly period health behavior

Bivariable and you can multivariable logistic analyses was indeed done to pick situations associated having monthly period health routine. Appropriately, straight down age, stretched lifetime of menses flow and bad knowledge into intervals got statistically extreme association for the terrible menstrual hygiene practice (Desk 5).


Adolescence is recognized as a unique crucial chronilogical age of people inside the which high hormones and you can mental change result as well as its basic monthly period onset . Although periods is such a regular emotional techniques in women reproductive ages, it is enclosed by taboos and supernatural thinking . This means that, many teenage ladies cannot feel the usage of get sufficient facts about periods and its sanitary behavior, and commonly sign up on their menarche instead getting ready by themselves, particularly in rural elements . This might result in negative health outcomes and you will worst academic overall performance from adolescent university lady .

In the modern study, 68.3% from teenage college women for the Gedeo zone got worst education from new bleedings of menses. It is prior to other similar studies done in Southern area Ethiopia (60.1%) and you may Nigeria and that says that perceptions from menstruation is bad and you can practices are usually unsafe among adolescent school ladies into the Nigeria . However, new seeking of one’s current research displayed a better education to your durations certainly teenage college people versus an equivalent research done in India, and this indicated that 71.3% of girls people had worst degree about their times . The new you can reason for it difference could be the dimensions process training used to determine number of education as well as the socio-cultural differences of study professionals.

Off hygienic methods from monthly period bleeding, this study showed that almost 1 / 2 of (33.9%) regarding girls did not fool around with sanitary pads while in the durations and you will 60.3% out-of adolescent school people were identified as having a terrible menstrual hygiene habit as a whole. This is certainly backed by other degree conducted from inside the Northwest Ethiopia and Tehran district saying that teenage lady got some other antique and you may supernatural perceptions from durations as well as their hygienic routine wasn’t safe. The newest interested in of this investigation is additionally relative to findings out-of education regarding western Ethiopia (60.1%) , Nigeria (55.7%) and you will Asia (64.0%) . This can have a clinical implication into advancement and you will adjustment away from contextualized and you will culturally verified aspect techniques and interventional techniques for teenage college females. Additionally, integration out-of menstrual hygiene promotion in numerous health care possibilities and female nightclubs when you look at the universities is also required.

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