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Metal fabrication Co Limited (Tashkeal) was Established in the year 1992 to meet the growing demand for Metal works Specially in Industrialization Engineering and Construction Projects in Saudi Arabia. As the pioneer in the market Tashkeal met all challenges by being able to manufacture any product requiring metal fabrication, welding and installation. Each process is carried out in the custom-built factory in Jeddah. From those early days to its emergence as market leader, Tashkeal has continued to emphasize quality within an innovative framework.

Our Vision

To be a leading player in the region in terms of service effciency and customer satisfaction

Our Mission

To sustain high rate of growth and profitability by providing Distinguished services and value to our customer

Our Values

We treat our employees and shareholders with care and respect we value The community and eager to contribute in it

Work We Do

Stainless steel works for building decoration

Stainless steel works for industrial companies

Engineering works for industrial companies



Achieving Perfect Quality in Manufacturing

Why should you choose us for your Metal Works requirements

  • Standard: We follow internationally certified standards in materials and Dimensions
  • Fast & Firm: Flexible production. Flexibility and proximity to our customers are the cornerstones of our philosophy
  • Best value: Our rates guarantee you to get the best price against the value in the market
  • Expertise: We’ve been working in the fabrication industry and continuously improving ourselves in the field of fabrication, welding and installation for 3 decades

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